I am sorry to tell this, but I have to. You will not know everything about us after reading this www-site. Who wants to know everything, he have to see Caco. And he will tell him that “everything”.
     For other: Our group was established in the year 2002. It is true, that each of us had experience in another groups of historical fencing or rider tournaments, but our stars got full-shining just in the group “NORMANI”.
    After five years, filled with number of great tournaments, we are six knights riding the horses, marshal de lice with his five helpers, few ladies and dogs. Than, the wives and children. But we can´t  tell how many, because their number is changing too fast.
    Our lives run in the middle of 14th century. Still everybody, who had seen our foto, should know it. Everything what we have, we made by ourself. It´s heavy, at least a several tons, and takes years, to get it to this form. On the other hand, we are not ashamed of it.
    Well, this is all. Which of you wants to know more, just contact   Caco.