Year 2002

     It wasnīt easy to bring the idea of the medieval knight tournament to life. In essence, there was nobody, besides me and my wife, who would believe, that it will come true. From January we asked for licenses, and when we got them, we start to buy, to buy and buy the materials, more materials and even more materials and we started to produced tents, costumes, armours, galleries and the million small necessity. Simply, there were so many thing to do, that we almost didnīt catch the first performance. We had to advance beginning for 15 minutes because I wasnīt dressed.
    But after, after the great eufority came. And great glory. My mum prepared a pretty banquet, cookies and chicken and our boss delivered memorable, but fortunately short speech, and everybody was tired and happy.
    The performance was good. We found a few critic voices, but everything was ahead us, and a long way to go. Our performances were getting better and better day by day, till the last day came. We packed our camp, and full of energy started to prepare a new season.
    We spent six beautiful and hectic months under the tents on Trenčín castle, doing the greatest fun of noblemen, and our idea was alive. It was a good year.