Year 2003.

         There was nothing special on the New Year´s Day. We woke up  and the
only change according the old year was, we wrote a different date. We wonted to go to perform to foreign, and it is true, that our boss, for this idea  traveled around the whole France. But the only  result of this was, that our boss /me/ had a beautiful holiday-trip. So we prepared to stay at home, on our base-castle. Pretty quiet life.

      But, the great change happen to us.  On our castle, the wall fall down to entrance way- and the castle was closed. We had no idea what to do, when good news came from south-French city Carcassonne. They wanted to see us. Of course, we traveled immediately.

       And this was the beginning of chronic overwork and fatigue of our boss. On the other hand, our boss understands, that five hours of sleeping is enough.

       So, dear friends and everybody, we lived the whole summer among city-walls of medieval town- Carcassonne. Friends, who of you is interesting in the medieval live and history, go and see the Carcassonne. 3.8 km of double walls, 80 towers, cathedral, and more, the castle inside of town-it´s amazing! And more, in 2003-the great knight tournament! That was us!! And more - 80 professional French stuntmen, actors, horsemen and singers, with the well-known director, Corlo Boso. Simply, the great experience, but the great school too! For example, in the horseriding. Who is sure himself, he should take a horse and go to show himself to maitre Max Dardenne, which belongs  to top-quality horse dreseur in France. We were very bad at the beginning, but we learned and improved very quickly. Even French were really surprised by this our ability. Still, as every horseman knows, there is no way to be perfect on horseback in five weeks. So, a lot of work layed ahead us. And also we learned, that whatever you do, you can find somewhere someone, who does it better!

        In Carcassonne we played a story from a local history. The best-known period of this region was between 12th and 13 th century. It was time of rising of a new religiosity. These “catharoi” the pure-as they call themselves, were more popular than many spoiled roman-catholic dignitaries. People from whole region prefer to visited “catharoi” than churches. Of course, this was not acceptable for Vatican, so Pope asked the King of France, to send there the very first crusade against Christians. It is place, where the Inquisition  was developed, and the first heretics were burned.

        We made new tents, bought new horses, prepared new costumes in the colors of local noble-families and moved everything to Carcassonne.  With the wives and children, together 17 people. The weather was unforgettable too. I am sure, that three days we were performing in the 70°C!!! At nine o´clock in the evening the thermometer showed 56°C in shadow. The rain came three times only. We were happy for the possibility to visited a camp with beautiful could mountain stream, and the Mediterranean Sea, and we also did many trips. The country there is wild and excellent, tens of castles, Montsegur, Queribus, Arques and also Rennes-le Chateau with the tower Magdala and many more. We visited them all.

         And in this beautiful country we spent whole summer. We will never forget it !!!!