Year 2004   


            A h, two thousand and four! It was a good year! Our base-castle was reopened, so we spent there a beautiful May and June, than tradaaa, back to Carcassonne.  In Trenčín we gave “The Tournament under the Golden Tree”, in which  Gogo, pardon monsignor Gaston from swamps of Camarque, excelated in unforgettable style, that other hated him. To beat him in several disciplines was matter of high skill, a question of honor, great prestige and reason for huge celebration.  As well, we have to recall a great performance of signor Raimund de Montbard & de Duhan /that´s me/. Also another monsignors didn´t  stay at the shame. Let´s recall monsignor Roland de Belfort, which came on a new horse, monsignor Phillipe de Briene, which came on an old one, and also let´s recall monsignors Julien de Minerve and Bertran do Montfoson, what are, practically, all of us. With all modesty, I have to say, this year tournament was very good. For two months before Carcassonne we rode the horses, so later we were much better, even Max Dardenne had spoke with us.

      Our stage in France was even better than the last year. The play, written down by madam Therese Ramajo, was fine, the weather was good, the women beautiful /ours and theirs too/, and wine………even our boss became gourmet. /finshmaker/ And City of Carcassonne prepared for as a great attraction. The Street-festival. The different groups performed each evening, dixi-bands,  drummers from Africa, or dancers from Easter island. Joculatores et jongleres. Excelent. Simply, the life was easy.

       In this summer we had been 8 riders, 5 children (plus 2 babies hidden in bells of our pregnant women), 6 horses, wives and couple  servants, 4 dogs and 1, in the words one translater.