Year 2005


         Even if we were suposed to be in Carcassonne again, our Lord said no, so we stayed at Trenčín. We prepared something new, what we didn´t see anywhere. By the way, we have been a little nervous for it, just knight Raimond  de Duhan was only one, hundred percent sure it must be possible to realize. And because I am boss, we did it. We are speaking about “buhurt” or “meleé” as the French call it. We did it according to “The Book of Tournament by King René d´Anjou”. And because it´s impossible to make it as a choreography, we decided for the free fight, without in advance declared winner. It is true, that once we finished  at 15 second, what was really big disgrace and blow for the honor of signors de France, but usually it was much longer, and as actors, so visitors enjoyed it very much.

      According to the history, we did it as a fight of two different groups. Already it was a big fun to devise a new tactic against opponents for the next day. It showed, who has a good horse, and which of us is the most reckless, and which of us is able to use the heaviest strokes to heads of opponents, just to take a victory. It had showed, that was me. The sense of our meleé is to knock down the jewels from the helmets of opponents.  To stroke someone to body was not productive at all. Just head –it was sense-full attack. Well, close above head, but………….. I remember how the French signors tell each other to hit the signor Phillip´s vizier, because than he can see nothing, or treacherous attacks from behind the back, used specially by signor Gaston, which I, as his co-fighter, actively prepared.

       Just one thing wasn´t good. The weather. From whole summer holidays only 11 days no water fell down  from sky.  Let me recall as knights, but mainly servants gave a huge quantity of work to prepare a lice to acceptable condition for tournament. Because of weather and some of other problems we didn´t have enough visitors.

        Still, bad thing we forget, so we remember this year in good. We had learnt many new things, our boss bought a water-pump, signor Roland tried a new gothic saddle. And our boss prepared a new place for the next year to go.