Year 2006


         Dear friends and everybody, itīs over. The “season 2006” is behind us, living in our memories only. For those of us, who spend the rainy summer 2005 under the tents on the Trenchin castle, nothing unusual, but some of the freshmen declare everywhere: ”I survived the Sedan!” Finally, judge yourself - we came to Sedan and on the second day, the rainfall came. Just a little rain. But than,  the 10s of rains came. /So nobody can tell I am a lier, I didnīt use word 100s/. Simply, it was rainy for three weeks. Except nights. The nights were beautiful, full of stars, but 3°C. Our people used the bad words, they use hot shower as the warmer, and the local people shaked their heads, didnīt  remembere the weather like that. Even, neither did pensioners. I think, that it was my fault. It wasnīt a good idea, to make the mantles against the rain for the knights. Really, it wasnīt. Well, we had them, so we performed during the rains also. During the weeks, we played educational program for the children, Saturdays and Sundays we gave the Great tournament. We are very proud, that we performed in French, even if no-one of us can speak French. /besides our new marshal de lice Daniel from Košice/. But, we did it in the way, that nobody could recognize that. The main character, Hugues de Barbancon /played excellently and unforgettably by our Boris/ declared, “not words, but acts will speak for him”, so he was quiet till the end. And only the knights from the far Hungaria  announced to this tournament. And who smart could wait pure French from Hungarians? This way we evaded a language problem. Well, the language illiteration. It is true, that our boss, the knight Raimond de Duhan,  /me/ was trying to improvise, but no French was entertained, because they didnīt understand, and neither our people, because they didnīt understand too. But it was better day by day, because our boss /me/ was learning his texts correctly, so at least the French understand him, and lot of other knights visited our translator-lady to ask, what they, in fact, say. After one month we performed the Great tournament only. And dear friends and everybody, you will not believe, the sunny weather came. We packed the plastics for covering the lice, we prepared volleyball net and swimming-pool and we enjoyed it. But the temperature was going up and down in 20°, so nobody can acclimated, and some of us was unhappy and start to recall a cold weather. I didnīt like it, because they finally succeeded, and  the last three weeks were rainy again. This time we had a small tornado. 3 meters high /according to Gogo/,  4 meters /according to Caco/,  5meters /according to our boss/, but he didnīt see it. It broke two tents, one tear down, some of them rolled down, and after a few second disappeared. We should tell, we have seen and visited a lot of interesting places, such Paris and the sea of Biscay /the first time/, Guedelon, the construction of medieval castle by the medieval way, lot of cathedrals - Reim, Amien, Troy, and big fields of marihuana. True. We also visited the castle of Godefroi de Boillon, and many more. Finally, every of us can tell,” I survived a beautiful summer in Sedan”.