YEAR 2007


         It is sad but the time has come again to write about another season.  It is sad first, because this fact shows that the season has ended and second, because we are one year older and one year closer to our grave.  The other day, I tried to figure out what my grave stone should say but I couldn’t think of anything I liked, so, I will have to live at least until I think of something.

Anyway, friends, let’s come back to the topic: season 2007.  It was a season full of records: the most rainy – out of 110 days only 12 were dry, and we played all of our performances without a single serious injury of a rider or a horse, so, as a complete crew we visited the most flea markets and antique auctions in a season. 

We started the season at the Sedan Castle Medieval Festival with our last year’s play about a tournament of Sir Hug Barbanson.  Five performances in the span of two days were a really hard work for both us and our horses…and my vocal cords.  Afterwards, the whole group went to recoup back to Slovakia for a month, so we survived.  Some of us stayed behind with Valer and the horses.  We built the rest of the camp, dried our costumes, because it had been raining ever since our arrival, built a system of drainage canals and finished things we didn’t have time to do before the season started.  After four weeks, the rest of the group returned and, filled with enthusiasm, started practicing and building their modest homes encircled by drainage pits and canals. 

Our new members, particularly herald Peter and knight Bystrik from Trnava Soldiers, showed their inventive spirit.  No construction company would have felt embarrassed by the scaffolding these two built in their tent.  Their tent received a nickname “Saigon” as their bamboo structures reminded us of shacks we saw in pictures of Vietnam.  The tent for pages took the name “The Swamp” inspired by the series MASH.  The first two weeks we fought a tournament for school children and then a large tournament between the North and the Valley.  The tournament created two competing groups, so the games increased in rivalry and passion.  Moreover, we announced a “Magical Line”, which raised the hard work of some knights into heavenly heights: to reach 40 points, a knight had to pass all skills with the maximum possible score.  Sir Gaston and Sir Roland managed, other gentlemen just about made it.  The “Magical Line” of 100 points for the team was never reached but, of course, our horses are to blame for that.

Out of our enjoyable trips, I have to mention a trip to an obstacle course in a Belgian adventure park, where all present pages and knights, and of course the herald and other children, at 10 m above the ground proved Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest.  And of course, the unforgettable rafting trip called “Raft Semois”, where, thanks to a prank of a fun-loving Belgian, we spent two hours paddling upstream on The Semois River.  This is where our team showed togetherness and our male team members showed a lot of self-control, as they never used inappropriate language in the presence of ladies and children.  Our ladies, namely Helenka and Lubka, showed a great degree of moral strength, when they with no complaints fought both the stream and the life’s challenge.