YEAR 2008


For those of you who have been following us for several years, as well as those who are reading our website for the first time, I have a huge surprise for you:  this year we had fairly reasonable weather.  Really.  Not that we didnít get soaked in rain a couple of times, not that our tents didnít get torn up and our tent poles didnít get broken, but compare to previous years, we truly had a nice weather.  I am not saying that the sun kept beaming, we are not sporting a golden tan here, but at least it didnít rain all of the time.

Another special news of this summer worth mentioning was the number of knights.  There were 5 of us.  In addition, this year we had a tamed dragon.  He performed with us.  He came out of the dark Zabudise forest and then he lived with us the whole summer at both the Trencin and the Sedan Castles.  He spit out both fire and jokes, he was platonically in love with our Queen Blanchefleur and he ate bacon and cheese.  For those interested in more detail: he weighs about 50 kilos, his bones and head are hollow, and he reaches a speed of a little more than 80 km/h...but due to the short acceleration and deceleration track in our arena he moves at about 12 km/h.

We performed the same play in both Trencin and Sedan. Gogo really found his element in playing bad Olaf in Trencin while Valer tried a knight role in both places.  It is also worth mentioning that this year we enjoyed the return of Mirka and Lukas; Bystro, aka King Bertran, rode with us for more then half the season and we had one new member, Peter from Puchov.  The Dragon caregiver was also a Peter but he was from someplace East and page Miso was from a Trencin ghetto named Juh (transl. The South).

Basically, we will remember this year with a good feeling.  It is inscribed in our memories by peace in our camp, high attendance, well received, and, for us, a little untraditional play, successful flea markets and wonderful trips.  Thatís right.