YEAR 2018


        I know this year 2018 is not here yet, so its a little bit curious, that I, as a chronicler, already write about it. But at this time, its not a chronic, this is a vision! Yes it is! The Moment, that one, which we were whispered about long time only, during the long winter´s evenings when Meluzine is screeming in the chimneys and the flames from fireplace are describing the play of shadows at the walls, when the old knights, sitting covered in furs, are remembering the old adventures, when talking is going to stagnete and the thoughts fly far and away to the moment, which nobody wants to pronounce – until finally someone will whisper……….. The End! ..…………..

Yeah,finally, it was me. ...Yes, I did it….. I sad :“ End“! So we desided to let our horses rest and terminate the knights tournaments. I sure you, that nostalgi come in two minutes, and that nobody wants to finish, but decision was done….

But what now….? This question appeared strongly…. Than, in hopeless and the deepest dark, the small twinkle burn the flames to light a knowledge – theatre! Theatre we can do! We did it before the tournaments, during and we can play farthest. Simple, we can go back to roots and build the group of historical fencing. We can change the horses for motours, tants for caravans and as a great Moliére and others comediant we will hit the roads. As in the old days! From one town to another, from one castle to another, from one stage to second…...